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Our camps will equip your players with technical skills and tactical capacities often not covered by other soccer methodologies, improving their reading of the game, decision making, creativity, and effectiveness. 


While we will use a variety of strategies to make the activities fun and competitive, be aware, our camps will always challenge your players, no matter their level and age. 


You can customize your camp by choosing the camp type and topic(s), and we will adapt the sessions to your team’s age and level. 


Let us know what you are looking for and we will come to your location to run the camp.

Click here for inquires!


Camp Types

Single Session:

3 hours

Day Camp:

5 hours: 3 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. 

Weekend Camp:

7.5 hours: Breakdown  of hours to be determined


Week Camp:

15 or 20 hours: Breakdown of hours to be discussed

Futsal Power:


Location: Futsal courts or similar space on the soccer field

Age: Middle school age or higher

We will cover a variety of futsal techniques and strategies while explaining to players how they can be applied on the soccer field. 

We will also work on creating an “ideal environment of training” that will help players develop in an optimal way. 

Soccer Powered by Futsal Grassroots:


Location: Futsal courts or similar space on the soccer field.

Age: Elementary school age

We will offer activities to develop the young player in a futsal and soccer integrated way, using the richness of futsal tactics and techniques, including “pieces of futsal rotations” to create challenging and fun age and level appropriate activities. 

Goalkeeper Camp:

Location: Futsal courts, soccer field, or mix. 

Age: All ages, training will be adapted to age and level. 

Goalkeepers will learn and practice a variety of “futsal techniques” that can make a difference on the soccer field. Every day, more and more of the top soccer goalkeepers in the World are applying those techniques.



SSG Powered by Futsal:


Location: Soccer field or a mix of futsal court and soccer field 

Age: Middle school age or higher

We will use the concepts behind futsal tactics to run a variety of SSG that will help players develop good habits and efficiency on the soccer field. 

Topics for the games will be matched to your team’s interests and needs.

Futsal on the Soccer Field:


Location: Soccer Fields

Age: HS or higher

We will apply a variety of futsal techniques and tactics in progressions on the soccer field leading to functional trainings that will work on topics such as:

  • Playing Out of the Back, Midfield Rotation, Flank Play, Penetrating Passes, Forwards Combining, Pressing Together, Double-teaming, and Zonal Defending

campo-soccer (1).png






JUNE 10-13, 2019



JUNE 28th, 2019

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