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Small Sided Games

This book helps you bring your Small Sided Games to the next level by incorporating high-level Futsal tactics. It also shows you how to create game-based progressions from the futsal courts to the soccer field.


Soccer Powered by Futsal - The method

This book presents an innovative way to develop soccer players and teams. Based upon the concepts of professional futsal tactics, we have created the method Soccer Powered by Futsal©.

New Version (January of 2022): with a new introduction, images, links and QR codes for the supporting videos!

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The Modern Goalkeeper: From Futsal to Soccer

This book shows how futsal offers an ideal environment to develop the demands of the modern football goalkeeper. It goes in details about techniques, tactics, and offer examples of exercises. This is a great manual for coaches, as well as for goalkeepers looking to reach the next level.

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Coming Soon

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