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Clinics (for coaches)

Our clinics give coaches a new perspective for reading the game of soccer and developing players, inspiring them to create original and effective exercises, progressions, periodizations, and to develop curriculum. 


The content that we provide includes many aspects not normally covered by other soccer methodologies, following two main pillars:



An integrated tactical approach between Futsal and Soccer

The use of the richness presented in Futsal individual and group tactics to develop soccer players and teams

If you want to learn more about our methodology before organizing a clinic with us, you can check out the book, “Soccer Powered by Futsal” (2018), and all the corresponding materials (articles, books, videos, and courses) that we have developed.


We can come to you for the clinic and you can customize it to fit your needs by selecting a combination of type (duration) and content (choose from 7 different modules).

Click here to contact us and let us know what you are looking for.

Clinic types:

Single Webinar:

Online or In Person

3 hours: 2-hour presentation followed by a 1-hour discussion

Weekend Clinic:

10 hours: The breakdown of hours is flexible, a mix of classroom and practical sessions

Day Clinic:

6 hours: Two 3-hour sessions,

a mix of classroom and

practical sessions

Recurring Weekend Clinic:

Recurring Weekend Clinic:

30 hours divided into 3 weekends, 10 hours each - will cover all modules

Week Intensive Clinic:

5 days - 30 hours - will cover all modules

Clinic Modules


Module 1: Futsal Strategies to Develop Soccer Players


Location: Classroom

Content: The foundations of the method, explaining futsal tactics in the context of soccer, and how they can make a difference both in the development of players as well as game strategies

Age of application: all ages

Module 2: Creating an Ideal Environment of Training


Location: Futsal court or similar space on the soccer field. 

Content: How to teach and use futsal tactics to create an “ideal environment of training” through a technical/tactical progression using futsal tactics

Age of application: Middle or High School

Module 3: Module 3: Futsal on a Soccer Field


Location: Soccer field

Content: How to create progressions and functional trainings for soccer using futsal tactics

Age of application: HS or higher

Module 4: Small-Sided Games Powered by Futsal


Location: Futsal court or part of a soccer field

Content: How to improve your SSGs using the concepts behind futsal tactics

Age of application: middle school and higher.

Module 5: “Soccer Powered by Futsal” for Grassroots


Location: Futsal court or similar space on the soccer field

Content: How to promote an integrated development for young futsal and soccer players (Futsal layout and concepts will be added to the traditional soccer approach)

Age of application: Elementary school year

Module 6: “Soccer Powered by Futsal” for Goalkeepers


Location: Futsal courts and soccer fields

Content: How futsal tactics and techniques can help develop and improve goalkeepers in both futsal and soccer

Age of application: All ages

Module 7: Developing “Soccer Powered by Futsal” for your Club


Location: Classroom

Content: How to integrate the “Soccer Powered by Futsal” methodology in your club

Age of application: This is a module for club directors

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