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In regards to soccer methodologies, there is nothing more “in” than “Small-Sided Games” (SSG). This style of training provides more touches on the ball and actions, develops quick thinking, and demands effective decision-making in a game context.

Despite the fact that current literature offers a great variety of books and videos regarding SSG, there is a key component missing: the use of futsal tactics that will bring SSG to the highest possible level.


Why Futsal tactics? Think about this: high-level futsal tactics were developed from decades of professional futsal and are the best possible way to succeed in scenarios up to 5v5 on a futsal court. The logic of these tactics applies to most scenarios on the soccer field, helping make any model of play better.

Yet, many of the concepts behind these tactics are underdeveloped in most soccer methodologies. This book offers ways to integrate the concepts of high-level futsal tactics into your small-sided games, which will require your players to raise their technical level, game understanding, and decision making.


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Small-Sided Games Powered by Futsal

Small Sided Games Powered by Futsal

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