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Sacramento Area


If you have a training group ready to be challenged, we will use our methodology to run training sessions and develop an “ideal environment of development” where your players will acquire a variety of good habits, skills, physical and tactical capacities.


We will discuss with you your needs and specific goals, create a customized plan for your group, and equip them with a great variety of highly effective skills and concepts. 


This service is currently only available in areas where we have a coaching staff member located. These include:


parceiros-foto2 (1).png
parceiros-foto2 (1).png

Kentucky &


Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia:

Marcelo Antonelli

Camila Mendes

Ana Bruni

For inquiries, please send us a message HERE


If we are not in your area, we do have other options available, including clinics to train and empower coaches on how to apply our methodology. Send us a message and tell us more about your needs.

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campo-soccer (2).png
campo-soccer (2).png
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