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Soccer Powered by Futsal

Small Sided Games


This book presents an innovative way to develop soccer players and teams. Based upon the concepts of professional futsal tactics, we hae created the method Soccer Powered by Futsal©.

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“Working side by side with Marcelo at the college level was truly fun, informationally challenging, and rewarding. I had a lot of preconceived notions about futsal and its relationship to football. I quickly discovered I had a lot of unlearning to do. The concepts Marcelo shares relate to high-level futsal and football. I learned a lot about movement and technique on and off the ball and how to deconstruct many moments in the game to smaller sets of behaviors. Get ready to get masterfully simple. With his insight, you will start to recognize repeat skills, movements, and tactics at the highest levels and be able to apply and teach them at all levels.”

Twila Kaufman

UEFA A Coach

Houston DASH



The book explains in detail the Soccer Powered by Futsal method.

Among other things, it shows how to:

1. Implement futsal strategies on the soccer field,

2. Read the game in an advanced way,

3. Master soccer concepts using futsal,

4. Enhance decision-making, both with and without the ball, and

5. Create a higher level environment of training.

The first part of the book covers the theory behind the method, breaking down all of the topics and showing practical applications for each one of them. Our website has videos, articles, and animations illustrating a good number of the concepts presented in the first part of the book.

The second part of the book shows how to implement the method, providing 26 complete sessions (16 sessions for Phase One and 10 sessions for Phase Two) organized into a tactical progression in order to help you implement the method and take full advantage of all the benefits that high-level Futsal strategies can provide to soccer players and teams.

The implementation of the method is divided into two phases:

Phase 1 of the method can be practiced on a futsal court or on a small part of a soccer field. During this phase, players will learn skills, concepts and strategies that will continue adding up until the environment of training is tactically very rich and players are developing at a fast pace.

Phase 2 of the method occurs on the soccer field, incorporating the futsal concepts and strategies developed during Phase 1 in functional sessions that can be adapted to any soccer formation. Soccer Powered by Futsal© is the new way of developing skillful and smart players.

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