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Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Welcome to Soccer Powered by Futsal

We are proud to announce: “Soccer Powered by Futsal.”

What is Soccer Powered by Futsal?

It is a method, based upon the concepts of high-level Futsal strategies, that aims to help in the development of soccer players and teams.

Soccer Powered by Futsal is also a resource to help Futsal coaches illustrate and players understand the great variety of ways in which Futsal can benefit soccer players and teams. & our Social Media

On our website and social media, we will be routinely uploading a variety of materials (computer animations, videos, interviews, articles, training sessions, etc).

These materials will aim to:

Help build a stronger bridge between both sports

Offer a better understanding of what Futsal has to offer to the development of soccer

Offer creative and analytical perspectives that can improve a variety of soccer aspects

The Book “Soccer Powered by Futsal”

The book contains a lot of information (153 pages, 113 figures) explaining in detail the theory behind the method; and also shows how to implement it with practical examples: an entire progression made of 26 full sessions, 16 on the Futsal court and 10 on the soccer field.

This progression leads you to create an environment of training that will optimize the development of your players, as well as how to apply everything in practice on the soccer field. It shows how no other book has done yet, how the concepts transfer from one sport to another.

Follow us

We hope to have you join us on this journey by interacting, exchanging ideas, and together enjoying this process which relates the two sports that we love so much.

Welcome to Soccer Powered by Futsal.

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